Great Frontier Bull Riding Company

Alan, Jenn, & Miles Kattevold

Alan: 320-226-0947

Jenn: 320-226-0949


Meet The Kattevold Family

Alan, Jennifer, and son Miles reside on the Kattevold farm that has been in the family for six generations.  The family has bee been producing bull riding events since 2001.  The Kattevold family has operated a bull riding company whose schedule often means two crews on the road.  Miles has been running his own events since he was 16 years old.  With additonal help from long time members of past GFBR Crews, Great Frontier Bull Riding can be at different locations at any given time.    The family prides itself on its committment to a family fun and professionally run event for all spectators to enjoy. They have demonstrated their committment to their events by working hand in hand with committees offering marketing and fundraising ideas.  These relationships extend outside the arena and are honored and humbled to have been at many locations for over 15 years.  

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